How to Select Songs for a DJ Set for Your Event

One of the most important parts of any event, be it a wedding, a prom night, a celebratory function, a holiday party, or another, is the entertainment factor. And for that you need a DJ that knows how to get the party groove.

A DJ is more than playing records. It is all about how you can create that connect with the audience and provide the musical experience that is beyond the expectation. When organising your event it is important to consult your DJ and select the songs that fits well with your function, which you can do following these tips:

Know the Audience
What goes well on a Saturday night dancefloor or some high-energy mix for an aerobics class will not go perfectly in a wedding venue. This is where picking the right songs become an extremely important factor. As the host, you know who you are inviting, what your audience, what kind of musical preference they would have (age-wise and class wise), where the event is going to happen and so. This all needs to be taken into consideration when selecting the songs.

Track Order
For a wedding, the entire event includes different components, from ceremony, to guest dance, couple dance and more. Therefore, pick different songs specific to each category and component to create a track order that helps you achieve the right presentation. Based on couple’s interest and suggestion, some popular romantic numbers need to be picked for couple dance.

Theme of the Event
A wedding can be a general one or specific to a theme. If you are having an Indian wedding, then it becomes highly significant to have Bollywood tracks included in majority. Similarly for other types of themes. If the DJ is being arranged for a prom party, you should include high-energy pop songs and mixes that create the high-tempo entertainment level.

Following these tips will definitely help you get the right songs and in the right mix for your particular event.