Lighting Hire

Lighting plays an essential part of setting the correct atmosphere for any type of event, and can also be used for mood changing or dramatic effects. We offer a range of lighting detailed below, which are suitable for different environments, creating their own unique effects. No matter what your theme is we can design creative intelligent lighting that will wow your guests.

When you are up for a party and celebration event, you want to have the best ambience with pleasing, charming and captivating lighting that sets the mood. A distasteful lighting atmosphere can certainly kill all the enthusiasm and appeal at the event. This is why you must choose your event lighting cleverly.

Hire Lights for Wedding, Party, Filming, Corporate Events and More
Birmingham Crew DJs is a prominent name in the region, offering high-end entertainment, audio and visual equipment and service support for all types and sizes of events and functions.

Lighting right and properly depends on a number of factors, including whether it’s day or night, whether the event is indoor or outdoor, theme of the event, type of the celebration, settings of important elements, mood of the function, and much more. This is where we are best placed to provide you with lighting. Whether you are looking to hire lighting for photography, for theatre or want specialised fairy lights for wedding, we have a comprehensive range of options specifically suitable to meet each and every client’s needs.

From laser lighting, venue moodlighting, pin spotting, club lighting, follow spotlighting, gobo projection to bespoke lighting, we have the assets and features that will brighten your event to the next level. We specialise in providing a huge range of lighting options with latest equipment lighting devices that will excitingly transform the overall atmosphere of the event.

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