Venue Moodlighting

Venue moodlighting is the perfect solution to transform an ordinary function room into something extra special by bathing your venue in an amazing wash of colour. This creates a feature that not only looks great to your guests but also will stand out and enhance videos and photographs. We achieve this by placing LED uplighters around the perimeter of the function room to uplight the walls and features in your chosen colour scheme.

We have different types of mood lighting available including our latest wireless battery powered versions which will mean even the most isolated areas can now be bought to life.

The colour spectrum of our moodlighting is vast and can be mixed to achieve almost any shade of any colour. They can be used either standalone or we offer live control with a technician to really add that wow factor. To obtain maximum effect of uplighting, choose our engineer-controlled colour changing option. This is an option available to you to keep the colours flowing and lights pulsing in line with the beat of the music. With the complete colour spectrum at your disposal the creative possibilities are endless.

Above all our mood lighting will add vibrancy, style, ambiance and help set the desired mood and tone with any desired choice of prime colour or colour mixing techniques to create a specific or distinctive shade.