Starlit Black & White Mix

Create the illusion of dancing on the stars at your next event by hiring one of our starlit dance floors.

If you cant make your mind up between white or black then why not mix the best of both worlds and go for our black and white starlit mix. A great choice if your looking for a checker board effect . This floor is suited for any type of event that requires something out of the ordinary and quirky. Extremely eye catching with super bright white LEDS; both the speed and amount of LEDs twinkling can be customised to suit different parts of the event.

Our technicians can install our starlit floors into almost any viable space, transforming that area into a vibrant and eye catching focal point for your guests to dance the night away. Our starlit floors are all very well maintained and serviced regularly to keep them looking in spotless condition for your event. It is supplied with ramped aluminium edging, which is wheel chair friendly and sits only 1-2 inches from floor level allowing a safe entry and exit from the dance floor.

We typically lay our starlit floors in a square configuration however rectangular floors can also be built if this is required. Based on the amount of guests you are expecting and the venue layout, our experts will advise the best size to choose.

We now also supply a RGB version of our popular black and white mix starlit dance floors. This means as oppose to just white LEDS you can pick and choose a particular colour to match your theme and venue décor. Matched with some of our venue up lighting, this will really help to create a vibrant and glowing atmosphere.