New Website Launch 2017

Our new website has launched and we are very excited to share all of our new material with you. Our developers have been working hard to make sure all of our up to date content is now available to view in a simple and easy to navigate format.

Please take some time to view all of our recent material which is now uploaded and ready to view. From our latest DJ packages to our bespoke entertainment options. We have uploaded lots of pictures and videos to help you visualise our services and the packages on offer.

Although we have made every effort to provide as much information as possible on the website, some of you may benefit from a direct consultation if your enquiry is more bespoke and requires more planning and thought.

If you are struggling to find what you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our onsite chat log. One of our team members will be able to respond to your enquiry in real time to ensure a quick answer to your question or to book a consultation to discuss further.

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